Oregon AHMA Membership

Advanced Reporting Staff

We are proud to be the newest member of the Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association.

Insight Reporting is Advanced Reporting’s new division, created specifically to serve the residential screening industry. For more than 25 years Advanced Reporting has been dedicated to providing quality background screening solutions to our clients and the consumers we screen. The new Insight Reporting Team joined Advanced Reporting in 2019 to focus exclusively on the unique challenges and opportunities facing the residential screening industry.

The Insight Reporting Team — Cammie, Jacquie, Eric, Patty, and Kelly — bring over a hundred years of collective residential screening experience to our organization. If you are in need of screening services or would like to learn more about what Insight Reporting can do for you, please give them a call at (503) 662-6265 or email info@insightreportingllc.com.

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