A credit report shows the credit history of your candidate and may include judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and credit card payment history. Some employment and past addresses may appear on credit reports. There are rules and restrictions on when and if employers can request them, what needs to be done prior to requesting them, what precautions need to be taken once the report is received, and what an employer may do with the information.

There are currently ten states with restrictions on the use of credit reports for employment purposes. For those restrictions and exceptions to those restrictions click here.

Prior to your being granted access to receive credit reports an on-site inspection by an independent third party must be performed at your expense. Currently the cost of the third party inspection is $75.00 and is a one-time charge. Because of the time required to schedule and complete the on-site inspection and the time required to get the access codes from the credit bureau for your account, it will take approximately seven business days before you will be able to receive your first credit report. After that you will have same day turnaround for credit reports. Please contact us for further information.